Vocabs: Aiba’s new drama news article translation

Some vocabs from a news article translation I did, about Aiba’s new Getsuku drama Yokouso, Wagaya e Definitions from jisho.org Vocab list:飛躍 (ひやく, hiyaku) 1. Leaping; activity. 2. Leapfrog (over a problem); making a leap (e.g. in logic). 3. Making great strides; making rapid progress. 4. Emerging. 5. Becoming active; playing an active part. 回避 (かいひ, kaihi) 1. Evasion; avoidance…. Read more »

Vocabs: AnShi 1st Jan to 7th Feb tweets

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Definitions from jishop.org 作詞 (さくし, sakushi) 1. (writing) song lyrics. 授業 (じゅぎょう, jyugyou) 1. Lesson; class work; teaching; instruction. 開講 (かいこう, kaikou) 1. Holding a course (of lectures); offering a course. 2. Beginning a series of one’s lectures; starting a new course. 究極 (きゅうきょく, kyuu kyoku) 1. Ultimate; extreme; final; eventual. 引っ張りだこ (ひっぱりだこ, hipparidako) 1. Being very popular; being in… Read more »

Vocabs: What’s the weather today?

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As all three girls here are fans of Jpop idols Arashi (literally storm in Japanese), what better way then to learn about Japanese terms for weather? This idea came about during the shiritori game. I think the was Saori? who said the word ‘arare’ and I had no idea what it was. Turns out that it’s hail/hailstones. Ahhh! So I’ve… Read more »

Vocabs: VSA Kan-san tweets, 2nd Jan 2015 to 27th Jan 2015

Japanese words review: 豪華 (ごうか, gouka) 1. Wonderful; gorgeous; splendor; splendour; pomp; extravagance. If you have watched VSA, you should have heard this word. Or AnShi. It’s used so often, especially when talking about the guest. 監督 (かんとく, kantoku) 1. Supervision; control; superintendence; direction. 2. Director; superintendent; supervisor; coach; foreman; manager; overseer; controller; boss. You heard this quite often as… Read more »

Vocabs: 17th Jan 2015 Arashi ni Shiyagare

Some noteworthy vocabs from the show. All definitions, as usual, are from my favourite site: jisho.org. Additional notes by me. 総力 (そうりょく, souryoku) 1. Total energy; all efforts. A very common word. You heard it on their shows often. 立場 (たちば, tachiba) 1. Standpoint; position; situation. Another common word. Somehow I get the impressive than Sho says this often… (then… Read more »

Japanese vocab roundup

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I’ve been in the habit of occasionally posting some Japanese words that captures my interest when I’m watching shows, or doing translations. Since we decided to start this blog, I’ll be mass reposting the vocabs from my blog over. Here’s a list of all the more… random vocabulary from my blog. All definitions are from jisho.org. いのしし(猪)- Wild boar This… Read more »

Vocabs: Animals Part 1

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Hurrah! The first content post on Nihongo Manabu! Today I’d like to talk about… animals! Here’s a list of 10 commonly heard animals in Japanese. 猫 (ねこ, neko) – cat 犬 (いぬ, inu) – dog 豚 (ぶた, buta) – pig 牛 (うし, ushi) – cow 熊 (くま, kuma) – bear 鳥 (とり , tori) – bird 兎 (うさぎ, usagi) – rabbit… Read more »