Picking up new vocabulary doesn’t have to be torturous memorization of word lists and dictionary. We believe in having fun while learning. The easiest way to learn new vocabulary would be picking them up as you go about watching Japanese shows, or listening to some Jpop songs… but really, it can be from anywhere. Bought a Japanese food product in the supermarket? Take a closer look at the packaging and you may be able to pick up a few new words.

As such, while we offer specially crafted, themed vocab lists, there are also many lists from say, variety shows in this site. Where possible, random notes with regards to the word are also added in. For example, commonly seen/heard usage of the word, breaking up the individual meanings of each kanji in the phrase etc. We hope that these little bits of information will make learning and remembering more interactive and fun!

All the themed vocabulary lists also come with flashcards! Powered by Quizlet, these flashcards will help you remember the words better. You can also quiz yourself with the ‘test’ function! Read more about the flashcards here!

Themed Vocabulary Lists

Random Word Bank

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