Vocabs: Animals Part 2

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Here’s another 10 more common animals in Japanese. See Part 1 here, and check out Part 3 too! Some on the animal names can be written in kanji, however the kanji is less often used. Thus, the kanji of those words are in the brackets, rather then the usual way round of putting the hiragana in the brackets. 羊 (ひつじ,… Read more »

Facebook message…

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A few days ago, fellow blogger Octavia got a strange message from an unknown person on Facebook. Since the entire message was in Japanese, I did a brief translation of the message. But well… why not take that opportunity to learn some Japanese? And so here it is! Here’s a look at the message in full. With sensitive information removed… Read more »

Vocabs: VSA tweets (12th Mar to 10th May)

Some pick up vocabs from the tweets. 活躍 (かつやく, katsuyaku) 1. activity (esp. energetic); great efforts; conspicuous service 2. to flourish; to participate actively; to play an active role 取材 (しゅざい, Shuzai) 1. news coverage; collecting data (e.g. for an article); covering (something for media) 2. interview You often would hear this word on news programs. Like when the news… Read more »

Vocabs: Arashi Kirin 60s and 30s group CMs

For the 60s CM, that aired in 2014 Vocabs! Just two vocabs since it’s such a short video. 興味津々 (きょうみしんしん, kyoumi shinshin) PS: Typo earlier, it’s shinshin as per the hiragana 1. very interesting; of absorbing interest; having a keen interest (in); being immensely curious (about) 興味 means curious, interest… and 津々 means overflowing, endless. Oh and if you’re wondering…… Read more »

Vocabs: VSA Tweets! (10th Feb to 5th Mar)

Vocabs – just two words this time… because there really isn’t much exciting vocab used 😛 要素 (ようそ, youso) 1. component; factor; item (e.g. in list) 2. element (e.g. in array); member (e.g. data structure) 加わる (くわわる, kuwawaru) 1. to be added to; to be appended 2. to join in (e.g. a group of friends); to participate 3. to increase… Read more »

Japanese copyright laws…

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So this message was appearing on some variety shows, as well as dramas…. 番組をインターネットに許諾なく公開することは違法です Rather than just giving you the English translation directly… let’s take a look at the meanings of each word used. 番組 (ばんぐみ, bangumi) 1. program (e.g. TV); programme Straightforward enough. インターネット – Internet Also very straightforward 許諾 (きょだく, kyotaku) 1. consent The word consent was followed… Read more »

Vocabs: AnShi 31st Jan 2015 edition

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As usual, all definitions are taken from http://beta.jisho.org/. (Please check the site for the full definition and details of each word/phrase. I’ve left details like whether the word is used as a noun or verb etc out)宿命 (しゅくめい, shukumei) 1. Fate; destiny; predestination. You hear this word quite a few times throughout the episode… not because they kept saying it,… Read more »

Vocabs: Arashi Sakura PV making

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Some pick up vocab from Arashi single, Sakura PV making. All definitions courtesy of http://jisho.org/ 花弁 (はなびら, hanabira) 1. (flower) petal. I knew flowers, stem, fruit, branch… but I never knew the word petals still Sakura came out! The making and the Music Station performances… I bet after watching this you’ll never forget the word ‘hanabira’! 楽勝 (らくしょう, rakushou) 1…. Read more »

Vocabs: Music Station Arashi Talk Cut 27th Feb 2015

引き続き (ひきつづき, hikitsuzuki) 1. Continuously; continually; without a break. 2. Next; then; after that. You hear this word right at the start! Arashi appearing on music station for two consecutive weeks! XD 見所 (みどころ. midokoro) 1. Point worthy of note; highlight (e.g. in a film); thing to note. 2. Good prospects for the future; promise. Another commonly used word! The… Read more »

Vocabs: News Zero Ichimen Cut 2nd Feb 2015

案内 (あんない, annai) 1. Information; guidance; leading. 2. To guide; to show (around); to conduct. You you watch News Zero, you will hear this word a lot. Actually even on their variety shows when you go visit/interview a place… and there’s a person guiding them around. This word will be used to say XXX person will be the guide. (well,… Read more »