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Vocabs: Ohno & Kids’, Future Art Exhibition in Miyagi Website

Hi all! It’s been a while since I did a random vocabulary post. I was looking at the special site for Ohno’s art exhibit in Miyagi and picked out a few vocabulary of note. 堪能 (たんのう, tannou) 1. proficient; skillful 2. enjoying; satisfaction; satiation; having one’s fill (of) This appeared in Ohno’s message. He requested that the visitors take their time… Read more »

Vocabs: Fruits and Vegetables 2

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Check out Part 1 and Part 3 as well. 苺 (いちご, ichigo) – strawberry ブラックベリー (burakkuberii) – blackberry ブルーベリー (buruuberii) – blueberry 桜桃 (さくらんぼ, sakuranbo) – cherry 芒果 (マンゴー, mangoo) – mango パパイア (papaia) – papaya バナナ (banana) – banana ドラゴンフルーツ(doragon furuutsu) – dragon fruit じゃが芋 (じゃがいも, jyagaimo) – potato 芋 (いも, imo) – tuber; taro; potato さつま芋 (さつまいも, satsumaimo) –… Read more »

Vocabs: Sakurai Sho’s Josei Jishin 15th Sept 2015 Interview

Some pick up vocabs from Arashi’s Sakurai Sho magazine interview in Josei Jishin (女性自身) 15th Sept 2015. The interview basically asked Sho for his views on marriage, and his idea life partner. 結婚 (けっこん, kekkon) – marriage 結婚式 (けっこんしき, kekkonshiki) – marriage ceremony; wedding; nuptials 独身 (どくしん, dokushin) – bachelorhood; single; unmarried; celibate 夫婦 (ふうふ, fuufu) – married couple; spouses;… Read more »

Vocabs: Fruits and Vegetables 1

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果物 (くだもの, kudamono) – fruits 野菜 ( やさい, yasai) – vegetables りんご (ringo) – apple 梨 (なし, nashi) – pear オレンジ (orangi) – orange レモン (remon) – lemon トマト (tomato) – tomato 鰐梨 (わになし, waninashi) – avocado; alligator pear アボカド (abogato) – avocado 西瓜 (すいか, suika) – watermelon メロン (meron) – melon 胡瓜 (きゅうり, kyuuri) – cucumber   See also: Part 2 and… Read more »

Kanji Spotlight: Of trees, books and lumber

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I got a whiteboard sometime back, and since I love writing on whiteboards, here are three words that I’ll highlight… The first kanji we’re looking at is 木, meaning tree or wood. As you can see in the second kanji, by adding a single stroke, we get 本, meaning book.  The 木 kanji can also be used as a radical, as seen in… Read more »

Vocabs: Bugs and Insects 3

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虫螻 (むしけら, mushikera) – worm; insect 回虫 (かいちゅう, kaichuu) – roundworm  蚯蚓 (みみず, mimizu) – earthworm 百足 (むかで, mukade) – centipede 馬陸 (やすで, yasude) – millipede 蝿 (はえ, hae) – fly 蛾 (が, ga) – moth 猩猩蠅 (しょうじょうばえ, shoijyoi hae) – fruit fly (any insect of family Drosophilidae); vinegar fly; pomace fly; banana fly 蛆虫 (うじむし, ujimushi) – maggot 水黽 (あめんぼ, amenbo) – pond… Read more »

Vocabs: Bugs and Insects 2

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Back with more bugs and insects! Check out part 1 and part 3 as well! 飛蝗 (ばった, batta) – grasshopper 蝶 (ちょう, chou) – butterfly 芋虫 (いもむし, imo mushi) – hornworm (caterpillar of a hawk moth); (hairless) caterpillar 裸虫 (はだかむし, hadaka mushi) – caterpillar (esp. hairless) 毛虫 (けむし, kemushi) – hairy caterpillar; woolly bear 油虫 (あぶらむし, aburamushi) – aphid 蟋蟀 (こおろぎ, koorogi) – cricket… Read more »

Vocabs: Bugs and Insects 1

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虫 (むし, mushi) – insect; bug; cricket; moth; worm 昆虫 (こんちゅう, konchuu) – insect; bug 蟻 (あり, ari) – ant 白蟻 (しろあり, shiroari) – termite; white ant 蜚蠊 (ごきぶり, gokiburi) – cockroach てんとう虫 (てんとうむし, tentou mushi) – ladybug; ladybird 蜂 (はち, hachi) – bee; wasp; hornet 蛍 (ほたる, hotaru) – firefly; lightning bug; glowworm 甲虫 (かぶとむし, kabutomushi) – rhinoceros beetle 蜻蛉 (とんぼ, tonbo) – dragonfly; damselfly… Read more »

Vocabs: Animals Part 3

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縞馬 (しまうま, shimauma) – zebra ゼブラ (zebura) – zebra 箆鹿 (へらじか, berajika) – moose (Alces alces); elk 大鹿 (おおじか, oojika) – 1. large deer 2. moose; elk; red deer ムース (muusu) – moose ライオン (raion) – lion チンパンジー (chinpanji) – chimpanzee 黒猩々(くろしょうじょう, kuroshoujyou) – chimpanzee 猩々 (しょうじょう, shoujyou) – orangutan ゴリラ (gorira) – gorilla 亀 (かめ, kame) – tortoise カンガルー (kangaruu) – kangaroo 孔雀… Read more »

Vocabs: Aiba Manabu 10th May 2015

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A continuation of the previous week’s show, this week Aiba and Co. continues their quest to gather ingredients for the ekiben. This week’s show starts with the gang heading up the mountains to pick wild vegetables. 山菜 (さんさい, sansai) – edible wild plants 山 means mountain, while 菜 means vegetables. Mountain vegetables. How apt! 菜 (ぜんまい, zenmai) – Japanese royal… Read more »