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Magazine: Hir@gana Times – Great Japanese Learning Resource!

I came across the Hir@gana Times magazines while browsing in Kinokuniya the other day. It advertises itself as being a magazine for ‘read Japanese study’. Curious, I decided to buy a copy. It wasn’t cheap for sure, SGD 11.50 for a thin magazine. It was even more expensive than the other magazines with Arashi in it, considering the thickness. Intrigued… Read more »

Vocabs: TV Life 28th Feb 15 snippet

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Just some words from a very short snippet from the magazine. 魅力 (みりょく, miryoku) – charm; fascination; glamour; glamor; attraction; appeal Ohno talked about the appeal and charm of the songs in their first single of 2015, Sakura. 心境 (しんきょう, shinkyou) – mental state グラビア (gurabia) – gravure; photogravure; rotogravure; gravure picture インパクト (inpakuto) – impact The song sakura has an impactful… Read more »

Vocabs: Sakurai Sho’s Josei Jishin 15th Sept 2015 Interview

Some pick up vocabs from Arashi’s Sakurai Sho magazine interview in Josei Jishin (女性自身) 15th Sept 2015. The interview basically asked Sho for his views on marriage, and his idea life partner. 結婚 (けっこん, kekkon) – marriage 結婚式 (けっこんしき, kekkonshiki) – marriage ceremony; wedding; nuptials 独身 (どくしん, dokushin) – bachelorhood; single; unmarried; celibate 夫婦 (ふうふ, fuufu) – married couple; spouses;… Read more »