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Vocabs: VSA Tweets! (10th Feb to 5th Mar)

Vocabs – just two words this time… because there really isn’t much exciting vocab used ๐Ÿ˜› ่ฆ็ด  (ใ‚ˆใ†ใ, youso) 1. component; factor; item (e.g. in list) 2. element (e.g. in array); member (e.g. data structure) ๅŠ ใ‚ใ‚‹ (ใใ‚ใ‚ใ‚‹, kuwawaru) 1. to be added to; to be appended 2. to join in (e.g. a group of friends); to participate 3. to increase… Read more »

Vocabs: AnShi 31st Jan 2015 edition

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As usual, all definitions are taken from http://beta.jisho.org/. (Please check the site for the full definition and details of each word/phrase. I’ve left details like whether the word is used as a noun or verb etc out)ๅฎฟๅ‘ฝ (ใ—ใ‚…ใใ‚ใ„, shukumei) 1. Fate; destiny; predestination. You hear this word quite a few times throughout the episode… not because they kept saying it,… Read more »

Vocabs: Arashi Sakura PV making

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Some pick up vocab from Arashi single, Sakura PV making. All definitions courtesy of http://jisho.org/ ่Šฑๅผ (ใฏใชใณใ‚‰, hanabira) 1. (flower) petal. I knew flowers, stem, fruit, branch… but I never knew the word petals still Sakura came out! The making and the Music Station performances… I bet after watching this you’ll never forget the word ‘hanabira’! ๆฅฝๅ‹ (ใ‚‰ใใ—ใ‚‡ใ†, rakushou) 1…. Read more »

Vocabs: Music Station Arashi Talk Cut 27th Feb 2015

ๅผ•ใ็ถšใ (ใฒใใคใฅใ, hikitsuzuki) 1. Continuously; continually; without a break. 2. Next; then; after that. You hear this word right at the start! Arashi appearing on music station for two consecutive weeks! XD ่ฆ‹ๆ‰€ (ใฟใฉใ“ใ‚. midokoro) 1. Point worthy of note; highlight (e.g. in a film); thing to note. 2. Good prospects for the future; promise. Another commonly used word! The… Read more »

Vocabs: AnShi 1st Jan to 7th Feb tweets

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Definitions from jishop.org ไฝœ่ฉž (ใ•ใใ—, sakushi) 1. (writing) song lyrics. ๆŽˆๆฅญ (ใ˜ใ‚…ใŽใ‚‡ใ†, jyugyou) 1. Lesson; class work; teaching; instruction. ้–‹่ฌ› (ใ‹ใ„ใ“ใ†, kaikou) 1. Holding a course (of lectures); offering a course. 2. Beginning a series of one’s lectures; starting a new course. ็ฉถๆฅต (ใใ‚…ใ†ใใ‚‡ใ, kyuu kyoku) 1. Ultimate; extreme; final; eventual. ๅผ•ใฃๅผตใ‚Šใ ใ“ (ใฒใฃใฑใ‚Šใ ใ“, hipparidako) 1. Being very popular; being in… Read more »

Vocabs: VSA Kan-san tweets, 2nd Jan 2015 to 27th Jan 2015

Japanese words review: ่ฑช่ฏ (ใ”ใ†ใ‹, gouka) 1. Wonderful; gorgeous; splendor; splendour; pomp; extravagance. If you have watched VSA, you should have heard this word. Or AnShi. It’s used so often, especially when talking about the guest. ็›ฃ็ฃ (ใ‹ใ‚“ใจใ, kantoku) 1. Supervision; control; superintendence; direction. 2. Director; superintendent; supervisor; coach; foreman; manager; overseer; controller; boss. You heard this quite often as… Read more »

Vocabs: 17th Jan 2015 Arashi ni Shiyagare

Some noteworthy vocabs from the show. All definitions, as usual, are from my favourite site: jisho.org. Additional notes by me. ็ทๅŠ› (ใใ†ใ‚Šใ‚‡ใ, souryoku) 1. Total energy; all efforts. A very common word. You heard it on their shows often. ็ซ‹ๅ ด (ใŸใกใฐ, tachiba) 1. Standpoint; position; situation. Another common word. Somehow I get the impressive than Sho says this often… (then… Read more »