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To my readers from the US and Canada, I hope you’ve had a great Thanksgiving! Here are some Thanksgiving related vocabulary to mark the occasion!

感謝祭 (かんしゃさい, kanshasai) – Thanksgiving

This phrase is literally as you see it in English. 感謝かんしゃ means thanks (it’s used as a noun), whereas 祭 (pronounced as まつり own it’s own, and more often as さい in compound phrases) means festival.

南瓜 (かぼちゃ, kabocha) – pumpkin

収穫 (しゅうかく. shuukaku) – harvest; crop

豊穣の角 (ほうじょうのつの, houjayou no tsuno) – cornucopia; horn of plenty

As often the case when comparing Japanese and English, the word order is switched. Here, the word ‘horn’ is placed behind, and the ‘plenty’ is in front.

豊穣 (ほうじょう, houjyou) – abundant (grain) crop; good harvest

角 (つの, tsuno) – horn; antler

角 is a common but complicated word! It is more commonly pronounced as かく, (usually) meaning angle, or かど, meaning corner/edge. Multiple pronunciations with different meanings for each pronunciation!

コルヌコピア (korunukopia) – cornucopia

宴会 (えんかい, enkai) – party; banquet; reception; feast; dinner

七面鳥 (しちめんちょう, shichimenchou) – turkey

That’s right! The Japanese name for turkey literally means ‘seven faced bird’. The name reflects the ability of adult male turkeys to change it’s facial skin color in a matter of seconds depending on it’s mood! Amazing isn’t it?

秋 (あき, aki) – fall; autumn

紅葉 (こうよう, kouyou) – autumn colours; fall colors; leaves changing color (colour)

肉汁 (にくじゅう, nikujyuu) – meat soup; bouillon; juices (from grilled meat); gravy

クランベリー (kuranberii) – cranberry

パンプキンパイ (panpukinpai) – pumpkin pie

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