Random word list – 17 Nov 2018 edition

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I’ve been playing catch up with my Arashi TV shows, as well as watching NewsZero weekly… So here’s a mix of words from various places.

あおり運転 (あおりうんてん, aoriunten) – tailgating

This was the topic of this week’s PuraIchi – Sho’s NewsZero segment after the revamp. The problem of tailgating has been a hot topic in the recent months. Sometime back, a couple died in a car accident caused by an errant tailgating driver. In this week’s segment, an in car camera showed an errant driver tailgating, and forcefully cutting into the driver’s lane after the driver let him pass.

The うんてん in the phrase means driving.

家 (かくれが, kakurega)
1. hiding place; hideout; refuge
2. retreat; hideaway

This was from the 2018 New Year edition of The Yakai. You may recognise this word from Arashi ni Shiyagare though! It’s the title of the segment 隠家嵐, or as translated into English by the show, “Arashi’s secret bar”.

花魁道中 (おいらんどうちゅう, oirandouchu) – procession of courtesans

Also from the New Year Yakai episode. I’ve come across this word every now and then, but never did try looking it up. Finally did it this time!

Opps, that’s all! Just three words this time. That’s not a lot isn’t it? I’ll try picking out more words next time I guess! Till the next post!

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