New Year’s Cards

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As 2019 draws near… It’s that time of the year again! Time to get ready to send out 年賀状 (ねんじょう, nengajyou) or New Year’s Cards.

This year too, Japan Post has promotional events to encourage people to send out 年賀状, and they are encouraging people to write their own message, or create their own greeting cards.

There’s a whole host of information on the Japan Post new year’s card website, and a ton of greeting cards you can purchase. From Pokemon and game themed cards, to cards that turn into charms with some folding… You can even create your own unique design and have it printed at the post office directly.

Better still, you don’t have to be in Japan to make use of the site – you can download the pictures from here and edit them to make your very own new year’s card. Similarly with the charms greeting cards, you can personalize it on the website and print out the cards yourself, or download the background images and edit it as you please. (Folding instructions can be found here)

snowman greeting card charm

New Year Card Charm - snowman

I printed and folded a charm…! I didn’t edit the text so it’s a “Don’t lose to the cold” charm. A message is included in the back as well. Sounds fun eh?

Alright, I’m off to check out the other greeting card options and downloads! I’ll just leave you with some vocabulary. Till next time!

年賀状 (ねんじょう, nengajyou) – New Year’s cards

お守り (おまもり, omamori) – Charm; amulet (Also written as 御守, which is what you see on the greeting card charm)

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