News: Arashi’s 52nd single “Tsunagu” to be released on the 28th of June

Arashi will be releasing their 52nd single Tsunagu (つなぐ). The title song Tsunagu will be the theme song for the movie “Shinobu no Kuni” starring Arashi’s leader Ohno Satoshi. The movie is based on the best selling novel of the same name by Wada Ryou.

With a duet of guitar and shamisen that brings throwbacks to the sengoku era, the brisk, scampering accompaniment is an audio trademark. The rustic and refreshing sound coupled with the strong vocals proclaiming the power of love makes Tsunagu the ultimate love song.

The single comes in two editions, the Limited Edition comes with a music video and making of the title song, while the Regular Edition comes with the song “Reach for the sky ~天までとどけ~” (Reach for the sky ~Ten made totoke~). The song Reach for the sky is used as the CM song for the Japan Airlines (JAL) 2017 Sakitoku campaign (先得キャンペーン 2017).

This will be Arashi’s first movie theme song in 4 years. The last time they released a movie theme song, it was in 2013 with the double A single Calling/Breathless, with Breathless being the theme song for the movie Platinum Data starring Ninomiya Kazunari.

Limited Edition:
1) つなぐ (Tsunagu)
2) お気に召すまま (Oki ni mesu mama)
3) お気に召すまま (Oki ni mesu mama) Original Karaoke
DVD (Region 2):
PV and PV making

Regular Edition:
1) つなぐ (Tsunagu)
2) Reach for the sky 〜天までとどけ〜 (Reach for the sky ~Ten made totoke~)
3) 抱きしめたい (Dakishimetai)
4) Under the radar
5) つなぐ Original Karaoke
6) Reach for the sky 〜天までとどけ〜 Original Karaoke
7) 抱きしめたい (Dakishimetai) Original Karaoke
8) Under the radar Original Karaoke

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Limited Edition
Regular Edition
Limited and Regular Edition Bundle

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Limited Edition
Regular Edition

Limited Edition
Regular Edition

Limited Edition
Regular Edition

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