News: Sakurai, Kamenashi and Koyama to be 24 hour TV Personality

24 hour TV

Arashi’s Sakurai Sho, KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya and NEWS’ Koyama Keiichiro have been announced as the main personalities of the 2017 24-hour Television charity event. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the 24-hour TV Charity event, and the theme this year is “24 Hour Television / Love saves the Earth” (24時間テレビ40 愛は地球を救う).

The news was announced on the 15th of April during the “Extravagant 4 hour SP ‘Arashi ni Shiyagare 3 hour SP’ & 24-hour Television important announcement SP” (豪華!4時間超SP『嵐にしやがれ3時間拡大版』&24時間テレビ重大発表SP).

Each of the three idols have served as main personalities in the charity event as a member of their respective idol groups. In particular, Koyama will be hosting the event twice in a row – last year he hosted the event as part of the four member idol group NEWS.

All three idols serve as casters on NTV. Sakurai in “News Zero”, Kamenashi in “Going! Sports & News”,  and Koyama in “news every”.

The charity personality and charity marathon runner have yet to be announced.

The 40th 24-hour Television charity event will air from the 27th of August (Saturday), 6:30 PM until the 28th of August (Sunday), 8:54 PM on NTV.

“24-hour Television” is a yearly charity event by the Nippon TV (NTV) that started in 1978. Funds raised from the event are used in three broad areas, social – aid for the elderly and disabled, environmental – projects to beautify Japan and improve the environment, and disaster relief – aid in disasters both within Japan and overseas.

The concept of ‘main personalities’ for the event started in 2003 with TOKIO. The main personality has been a Johnny’s group/artist(s) ever since.

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