Vocabs: Jun’s jweb blog Enjoy Vol. 146

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So Jun updated his jweb blog today! Just going to highlight a few kanji from his (short) blog post.

花粉 (ふん, kafun) – pollen

Not used in the post… But since Jun was talking about pollen flying all over the place, then it makes sense to introduce the next word:
花粉症 (ふんしょう, kafunshou) – hay fever; pollinosis (allergy to pollen)

歌舞伎座 (ざ, kabukiza) – kabuki troupe; kabuki theater (theatre)

Of course, you’ve heard about 歌舞伎 (き, kabuki) right? Yes? No? If you haven’t, it’s a Japanese classical dance drama. It’s a little hard to explain (plus I’m not an expert) it in this post, so may I kindly point you to helpful wikipedia to read up more? 

観劇 (かんげき, kangeki) – theatre-going; theater-going

観 means look, appearance… While 劇 means theater.

Yeah well.. That’s about it. Just three major words to highlight.

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