Vocabs: Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai 15th Oct 2015 edition

Ok! Well, these vocabs are actually only from the first half of the show – the Sakurai in Miyagi segment. Following last year’s invasion of Sho’s hotel room during the Hawaii Blast concert, they invaded his room again during the Miyagi Blast concert this year. It was a really fun episode/segment! Showcasing just how adorable that dorky Sho can be. Of course, Aimiya invading the room was an added bonus. And they totally trolled the Keio boy with the military camouflage outfits. (Aibaka meanwhile, almost locked himself out of his room again.)

Still, you can absolutely sense the member love here. Even though I can’t differentiate between the % of love and % of troll in this… at least… they cared enough to risk going out after the concert just to get the military camouflage presents for Sho. Even if it was to troll him. shrugs

Ok! Without further ado, I present to you the vocab list! All definitions taken from jisho.org.

恒例 (こうれい, kourei) – established practice; custom

The 恒例 invasion of Sho’s hotel room during concerts, and the 恒例 personal belongings check!

相変わらず (あいかわらず, aikawarazu) – as ever; as usual; the same; still

Poor Sho! He got labelled as being ‘as unfashionable as ever’.

乱入 (らんにゅう, rannyuu)
1. trespassing; intrusion
2. to barge into; to burst into; to trespass

First it was Jun and Ohno, this time, it’s Aiba and Nino who invaded/barged into Sho’s room.

展開 (てんかい, tenkai)
1. development; evolution; progressing; unfolding
2. expansion; spreading out; extending; deployment; building up

What sort of happening will unfold when Aiba and Nino barges in? Watch the show to find out!

提案 (ていあん, teian) – proposal; proposition; suggestion

Apparently Abunai Yakai has a new format now (it’s been a while since I watched that show). Guests are supposed to propose something for the audience to try. Sho’s was to get people to eat more of his favourite food: shellfish. Yum!

主宰 (しゅさい, shusai) – 1. supervision; chairmanship

Sho, the Yakai chairman.

あざとい (azatoi) – clever; sly; cunning; pushy

Daikichi-san and his alleged cunning use of the Arashi badge.

揉める (もめる, momeru) – to disagree; to dispute; to fight (over)

切ない (せつない, setsunai)
1. painful; heartrending; trying
2. oppressive; suffocating; miserable

Sho and his heartbreaking marriage discussion in his previous Yakai.

咄嗟 (とっさ, tossa) – moment; instant

How to make Sho delighted in an instant? Feed him shellfish!

寛ぐ (くつろぐ, kutsurogu) – to relax; to feel at home

Sho relaxing on the sofa after the concert…

論調 (ろんちょう, ronchou) – tenor or drift of an argument

Sho complained about how people are saying that his clothes are unfashionable. Sho’s counter argument: He’s there for work, not a fashion show.

機能 (のう, kinou) – function; facility; faculty; feature

To Sho, function > fashion. Same here! Functionality and practicality beats fashion any day for me.

前置き (まえおき, maeoki) – preface; introduction

An interesting word the literally means ‘put in front’. Well, which is kinda what a preface/introduction is. Something you put at the front.
In the show, the narrator complained about Sho’s long preface, which was in reality, more like an excuse.

がましい (gamashii) – look like; sound like; savor of; smack of

The long preface that sounds like nothing but excuses.

着心地 (ごこち, kigokochi) – (good or bad) feel when wearing something

Sho likes the feel of the sweats given to him by the staff.

滑々 (すべすべ, sube sube) – smooth (skin, etc.); sleek; velvety; silky

Because the sweats feels ‘sube sube’.

疲労 (ろう, hirou) – fatigue; weariness

Oh dear. Here comes the criticism again. Sho’s special suit that is supposed to reduce fatigue unfortunately doesn’t look particularly appealing/fashionable.

炸裂 (さくれつ, sakuretsu) – explosion; bursting

Somehow Sho later exploded into a passionate discussion about briefs…

海獺 (らっこ, rakko) – sea otter (Enhydra lutris)

Sho got called a sea otter for his love of shellfish.

熱狂 (ねっきょう, nekkyou) – wild enthusiasm; being crazy about

地味 (み, jimi) – plain; simple; subdued; sober

赤貝 (あかがい, akagai) – blood clam (Scapharca broughtonii); ark shell

Ahhh akagai. I’ve never had those for sashimi before. Though in Singapore, blood cockles are really common, and cheap too. We usually boil (not too long, it’s not nice if it’s overcooked!) them and eat them plain. It’s also used in dishes like laksa and fried kway teow too. I believe those we have here are a slightly different species from the ones eaten as sashimi in Japan though… Would love to try akagai sashimi! starts looking in Google for resturants in Sg

幻 (まぼろし, maboroshi) – phantom; vision; illusion; dream; apparition

慌てる (あわてる, awateru)
1. to become confused (disconcerted, disorganized, disorganised); to be flustered; to panic
2. to be in a hurry; to rush

一切れ (ひときれ, hitokire) – slice; small piece

Literally means one cut. So, one slice/one piece made by one cut of the knife.

Sho: What? You mean this single akagai is 3000 yen?
Staff: Yes…
Sho: quickly eats another piece

ホッキ貝 (ホッキかい, hokkikai) – Sakhalin surf clam (Pseudocardium sachalinense)

In the show the word ‘貝’ was omitted. I’m not sure if it’s usually mentioned with or without the ‘貝’ but it was clear enough that they are talking about the shellfish anyway. Oh yes, 貝 means shell or shellfish. Anyway… this shellfish is often seen in Singapore… and it’s yummy too.

お勧め (おすすめ, osusume) – recommendation; advice; suggestion; encouragement

You hear this pretty often in shows… like when they talk about food especially… say the recommended dish in the menu. Or, say a recommended place to visit. Yeah, it’s quite a commonly used word.

つぶ貝 (つぶがい, tsubugai) – whelk (esp. Neptunea and Buccinum spp.)

Oh whelk! The glorious whelk! One of my favourite dishes at Sushi Tei! The ones I’ve had are nice and crunchy. It doesn’t have a very strong taste, but instead it’s the ごたえ, or feel (consistency) of food while being chewed, that made me fall in love with it. It’s refreshing too. And well… it’s relatively more affordable than say… fresh, sashimi grade abalone in Singapore. And well, more readily available too.

鮑 (あわび, awabi) – abalone

I’ve had abalone sashimi twice so far, once in Singapore, and once in Australia, and I love it! It’s really nice and… chewy? The consistency is really nice. It’s chewy but not rubbery. Much less so then when it’s cooked. Again, the taste is not very strong, so it’s more about the texture than the taste. Love it too! If only it wasn’t so expensive here…

当分 (とうぶん, toubun) – for the present; currently; presently; at this time; for the next while

It seems like Sho does not have any marriage plans at present.

涎 (よだれ, yodare) – drool

Nino and the towel hanging around his neck for ahem wiping drool. LOL! (They often do that to wipe sweat… but drool…? rolls eyes)

格闘家 (かくとうか, kakutouka) – martial artist; fighter

修斗 (しゅうと, shuuto) –  shooto; martial arts competition leading to knockouts or submission

Read more about that form of martial arts in wikipedia.

量販店 (りょうはんてん, ryouhanten) – mass marketer; emporium; volume retailer

Aimiya took the risk and ran off to the emporium (really, with Japanese sometimes there’s no telling which of the X meanings they were referring to) to buy Sho his military camouflage set.

態々 (わざわざ, wazawaza) – expressly; specially; doing something especially rather than incidentally

Yup, they purposely went to the emporium for the sake of trolling Sho. If I were Sho, I’d be torn between feeling touched and smacking them on their heads. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, the ‘々’ character just means ‘repeat the kanji in front’.

隠れる (かくれる, kakureru) – to hide; to be hidden; to conceal oneself; to disappear

And that’s all for the vocab list! I hope you learnt some new words from this list, and I hope you’ll enjoy the episode too!

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