Vocabs: Sakurai Sho GQ Magazine Interview July 2010, No. 86

Here’s some vocab I picked out while reading Sho’s magazine interview in the GQ magazine. It’s not the MOST exciting magazine interview out there, but it’s still pretty interesting. Like. How Sho managed his time in his university days, taking the night train back to Tokyo after having work elsewhere, just so that he can catch the lecture the next day. Amazing guy really. He also shared about how he loves travelling, and would travel overseas even if he has just a few days off. He’d travel at a moment’s notice too. On his trip to India in 2008 (when he bought incense back for the members), he only booked the trip 2 days before departure.

Anyway, here are the vocabs, arranged in the order that the appear! Definitions from jisho.org.

仕事人 (ごとにん, shigotonin) – professional; person good at a particular job; person who does their job without mistakes

In the magazine, they described Sho as one of the busiest professionals in Japan at the time of interview.

好評 (こうひょう, kouhyou) – popularity; favorable reputation; favourable reputation

Their (then) new single ‘Monster‘ received favorable reviews!

纏まる (まとまる) – to be collected; to be settled; to be in order

抵抗感 (ていこうかん, teijoukan) – ていこうかん

Sho was starting to dislike how he has gotten too used to appearing on TV.

流す (ながす nagasu)
1. to drain; to pour; to spill; to shed (blood, tears)
2. to wash away
3. to distribute (e.g. electricity over wires, music over a PA system, etc.); to circulate; to broadcast; to beam
4. to cruise (e.g. taxi)
5. to float; to set adrift
6. to call off (a meeting, etc.)

One of those words with a multitude of meanings. In the interview, Sho said that he didn’t like to just cruise through work.

姿勢 (せい, shisei) – attitude; posture; stance; approach; carriage (of the body)

In the article, when Sho mentioned the word it was on the meaning of stance/approach rather than physical posture.

接する (せっする, sessu)
1. to touch; to come in contact with; to border on; to adjoin; to be adjacent; to be close
2. to receive (e.g. visitor); to attend to; to serve; to take care of; to look after; to deal with; to see
3. to receive (news); to get; to hear
4. to encounter; to come across
5. to be tangent to
6. to make touch; to bring into contact with; to bring adjacent to; to bring close; to connect

Another of those words with plenty of meanings! In the interview, Sho mentioned that he thinks it’s good to come into contact with people younger then him, because they motivate him and spur him on.

薦める (すすめる, susumeru) – to recommend; to advise; to encourage; to offer (wine)

Sho watches movies, stage plays and concerts recommended to him by others on his days off.

積極的 (せっきょくてき, sekkyokuteki) – assertive; positive; active; proactive

He proactively seeks out things to watch…

話題になる (だいになる, wadaininaru) – to be in the news; to be talked about; to become a popular topic of conversation; to become the talk of the town; to become topical

Of course, the recommendations he gets are for things that would likely become the topic of conversation.

引き出し (ひきだし , hikidashi)
1. drawer
2. withdrawal; drawing outnot
3. variety of knowledge and experience useful for handling things impromptu

In the interview, it’s definition 3 that it’s referring to. Sho watching all the hot stuff to be kept in the loop, so that he’ll have things to say on TV.

貪欲 (どんよく, danyoku) – avarice; greed; covetousness

Still on the same paragraph. Sho is hungry for knowledge.

見聞き (きき, mikiki) – information; experience; observation; seeing and hearing

間接 (かんせつ, kansetsu) – indirection; indirectness

Sho talked about how his private life and work life can be indirectly linked.

結びつく (むすびつく, musubitsuku)
1. to be related; to be connected; to be joined together
2. to result in; to lead to; to bring about

Again, about the private the work life being related to each other. What he does in this private time often spills over to work.

駆け込む (かけこむ, kakekomu) – to rush in (at the last minute); to stampede

Sho rushed to the travel agency 2 days before departure to book his trip to India.

And that’s all for the vocabs folks!

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