Vocabs: Matsumoto Jun – Jweb – Enjoy Vol. 128

So… Jweb is well, a website by Johnny’s Entertainment. It contains informations about their various artists, and gives fans a place to get official news about their idols. Some of the artists have their own blogs too, and Matsumoto Jun (of Arashi, I’m an Arashi fan, sorry) has a blog called ‘Enjoy’. So here’s some vocabs I picked up from his latest entry. I decided to spend more time reading the entry properly because well… Apparently JE’s translator didn’t do a good job translating this entry, and it made Jun seem as if… he was really depressed. Suicidal even. But no, that’s not true at all. It’s just a mistranslation.

Anyway, on to the vocabs. Not that many vocabs, it’s not a long entry after all. All definitions are taken from jisho.org.

ドタバタ (dotabata) – noisily (esp. the noise of heavy feet)

It’s an onomatopoeic word, and here Jun used it to refer to Arashi rushing around/being very busy.

本格 (ほんかく, honkaku)
1. original method or procedure
2. serious; orthodox; classical; genuine

In the entry, the word usage would mean ‘serious’. Jun was saying that if they don’t start serious preparations for their concert soon, all hell would break lose! Nah, he didn’t actually say all hell would break lose. But the consequences would be disastrous indeed! (The concert dates are announced already! Just 1 months to go!!!)

構成 (こうせい, kousei) – organization; organisation; configuration; composition

Jun was saying that he’s doing the organization of the concert. Well, his whole entry, save for the first 3 lines, was about the upcoming Japonism concert tour.

真っ最中 (まっさいちゅう, massaichuu) – midst; middle of; height of

強敵 (きょうてき, kyouteki) – formidable enemy; strong enemy; tough enemy

Referring to the new album being a ‘strong enemy’, a tough one to tackle.

真っ暗 (まっくら, makkura)
1. total darkness; pitch dark
2. bleak future; poor prospects

In the entry, Jun was talking about how he’s still in total darkness, unable to see any light. AND he’s referring to the tour preparations/deciding the tour contents. That’s why in the next part he says that he’ll keep on listening to the album and visualising ideas in his head till he sees the light.

Ganbatte Jun! We’ll be waiting! I’m sure you will come up with a stunning concert!

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