Vocabs: Sakurai Sho’s Josei Jishin 15th Sept 2015 Interview

Some pick up vocabs from Arashi’s Sakurai Sho magazine interview in Josei Jishin (女性自身) 15th Sept 2015.

The interview basically asked Sho for his views on marriage, and his idea life partner.

結婚 (けっこん, kekkon) – marriage

結婚式 (けっこんしき, kekkonshiki) – marriage ceremony; wedding; nuptials

独身 (どくしん, dokushin) – bachelorhood; single; unmarried; celibate

夫婦 (ふうふ, fuufu) – married couple; spouses; husband and wife; couple; pair

困る (こまる, komaru) – to be troubled; to be worried; to be bothered; to be embarrassed; to be stumped

価値観 (かちかん, kachikan) – sense of values; values; value system

比較 (ひかく, hikaku) – comparison

憧れる (あこがれる, akogareru) – to long for; to yearn after; to admire; to be attracted by

必要 (ひつよう, hitsuyou) –
1. (as an adjective) necessary; needed; essential; indispensable
2. (as a noun) necessity; need; requirement

仲がいい (なかがいい, nakagaii) – close; intimate; on good terms

正直 (しょうじき, shoujiki) –
1. (as a noun) honesty; integrity; frankness
2. (as an adverb) honestly; frankly

白無垢 (しろむく, shiromuku) – white kimono
In the interview, they were referring to the traditional Japanese bridal dress.

新婚旅行 (しんこんりょこう, shinkonyuokou) – Honeymoon

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