Blog: Vacation in the Philippines!

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Hi everyone!

Greetings from Philippines!

Here I am, with Jheili and Octavia, the other two authors on this site in the Philippines. It’s a trip that we’ve planned for a long time, and it’s been really exciting to meet the girls for the first time.

The beach, the sea, and the food!

It’s been crazy fun chatting with the girls, about Jpop (ok, Arashi), and what not…

In other news, we’re planning to move to our own domain next month! Look forward to more content coming up! Flashcards, quizzes… lessons… It’s all in the works!

Alright, it’s nearly 1am and I’m getting sleepy… till next time everyone!

In the meantime, do check out the new vocabulary lists I’ve added!

2 thoughts on “Blog: Vacation in the Philippines!

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