Blog: The good thing about living in Singapore…

Is that writing pads and exercise books with SQUARES instead of lines is easy to get. And cheap too. A pack of 5 exercise books cost SGD $2.60. Got a bunch of exercise books (the squares in writing pads are small!) with large and extra large squared some time back… and I’ve finally gotten round to cleaning my table today! What are they for? You ask. For Nihongo Manabu of course!

Large and extra large square exercise books

I’ll like to write out, yes, write out, some kanji. Instead of just showing the printed text, writing out will allow me to show the stroke order, and hopefully give some tips on how to write kanji nicely. Of course, not just kanji, but hiragana and katakana as well. I think grasping the proportion is something that learners new to kanji find difficult. As a result, their writing ends up distorted and lope-sided. No worries though, I remember all the time my mum tried to drill it into me when I was a kid. (And even now, I have horrid handwriting!) Yes, my hand writing isn’t perfect, but I’ll certainly try my best!

It’s July already! Just another 2-3 more months till Apple announces the new iMac… I hope? Can’t wait! Hopefully I’ll have a decent number of Japanese lessons on this site by then! Alright, shouldn’t be long till we get our very first lesson up!

Ja ne!

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