Vocabs: Animals Part 2

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Here’s another 10 more common animals in Japanese. See Part 1 here, and check out Part 3 too!

Some on the animal names can be written in kanji, however the kanji is less often used. Thus, the kanji of those words are in the brackets, rather then the usual way round of putting the hiragana in the brackets.

羊 (ひつじ, hitsuji) – sheep

やぎ (山羊, yagi) – goat

かば (河馬, kaba) – hippopotamus

キリン (麒麟, kirin) – giraffe

ねずみ (鼠, nezumi) – mouse; rat

猿 (さる, saru) – monkey

象 (ぞう, zou) – elephant

蛇 (へび, hebi) – snake

虎 (とら, tora) – tiger

鹿 (しか, shika) – deer

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