Vocabs: News Zero Ichimen Cut 2nd Feb 2015

案内 (あんない, annai)

1. Information; guidance; leading.
2. To guide; to show (around); to conduct.
You you watch News Zero, you will hear this word a lot. Actually even on their variety shows when you go visit/interview a place… and there’s a person guiding them around. This word will be used to say XXX person will be the guide. (well, something to that effect)

標識 (ひょうしき, hyoushiki)
1. Sign; mark; flag.
This was used together with the above word in this Ichimen clip. So what I translated as street signs literally was information sign.

表記 (ひょうき, hyouki)
1. Writing on the surface (e.g. an address on an envelope); inscribing on the face.
2. Expression in writing; notation; surface form; transcription.
So the whole segment was about Japan changing the ‘hyouki’ on their ‘annai hyoushiki’…

拠点 (きょてん, kyoten)
1.Position; location; base; point.
…in 49 different ‘kyoten’.

伺い (うかがい, ukagai)
1. Call; visit.
2. Inquiry; enquiry; question.
Again, this appears in News Zero often.

会議 (かいぎ, kaigi)
1. Meeting; conference; session; assembly; council; convention; congress.

議会 (ぎかい, gikai)
1. Congress; parliament; diet; legislative assembly.
Does this two kanji look familiar? Look above! Yes that’s right, it’s the same two kanji! Like in English where the order of alphabet matters, in Japanese the order of kanji matters too 😉

圧倒 (あっとう, attou)
1. Overwhelm; overpower; overwhelming.
You may hear Itou say this when Arashi is losing badly in VSA. Or the other way round. XD

浸透 (しんとう, shintou)
1. Permeation; penetration; soaking.
2. Osmosis.

配慮 (はいりょ, hairyo)
1. Consideration; concern; forethought.

Wow! That’s a lot of terms for such a short clip! You say. Well, it’s News Zero after all. The terms used are a little more difficult than those commonly used in varieties.

Definitions from jisho.org

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