Vocabs: Music Station Arashi Talk Cut 27th Feb 2015

引き続き (ひきつづき, hikitsuzuki)

1. Continuously; continually; without a break.
2. Next; then; after that.
You hear this word right at the start! Arashi appearing on music station for two consecutive weeks! XD

見所 (みどころ. midokoro)
1. Point worthy of note; highlight (e.g. in a film); thing to note.
2. Good prospects for the future; promise.
Another commonly used word! The highlight of the show, the performance etc. XD

予め (あらかじめ, arakajime)
1. Beforehand; in advance; previously.
Shiina Ringo! And her ‘予め’ intuition about Jun being in L.A.

幹事 (かんじ, kanji)
1. Executive secretary; coordinator; organizer; person in charge of making arrangements.
This word! It was used by Shige when talking about the chocojun reunion meal. Jun entrusted him to be the ‘kanji’. Which confused me for a while because ‘kanji’ in the form of 感じ means “feeling; sense; impression”. And from the way the MCs seemed to be looking at Jun I thought Jun was the only who was supposed to be doing the invites, not Shige. You know with all those talks about Ohno never going out with XXX person as he had previously promised it. turns out it’s just that Shige isn’t a very good organiser huh? XD

噴水 (ふんすい, funsui)
1. Water fountain.
I swear Ohno forgot the name of the hotel. All he remembered was that it had big, famous water fountains in front! XD

遺憾 (いかん, ikan)
1. Regrettable; unsatisfactory.
Regrettably they didn’t get to gamble (did they even get to go into the casinos?). Well it was a workcation after all. JE wouldn’t really allow their idols to play in the casino on national TV would they? Not very good for their image… But the casinos must be really grand and really nice… only took a stroll in on in Genting. There’s casinos in my country too. But locals have to pay $100 each time you enter -.-. Government’s method of trying to keep problem gambling low.

Definitions from jisho.org

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