Vocabs: Aiba’s new drama news article translation

Some vocabs from a news article translation I did, about Aiba’s new Getsuku drama Yokouso, Wagaya e

Definitions from jisho.org

Vocab list:飛躍 (ひやく, hiyaku)
1. Leaping; activity.
2. Leapfrog (over a problem); making a leap (e.g. in logic).
3. Making great strides; making rapid progress.
4. Emerging.
5. Becoming active; playing an active part.

回避 (かいひ, kaihi)
1. Evasion; avoidance.

術 (じゅつ, jyutsu)
1. Art; technique.
2. Means; way.
3. Trick; trap; plot; stratagem.
4. Magic.
You know when you watch animes or read mangas and come across words like XXX jutsu? Well this is the word.

連鎖 (れんさ, rensa)
1. Chain; chaining; catena; connection.
2. (genetic) linkage.

遠慮なく (えんりょなく, enryo naku)
1. Without reservation; freely; frankly.

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