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Japanese vocab roundup

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I’ve been in the habit of occasionally posting some Japanese words that captures my interest when I’m watching shows, or doing translations. Since we decided to start this blog, I’ll be mass reposting the vocabs from my blog over. Here’s a list of all the more… random vocabulary from my blog. All definitions are from jisho.org. いのしし(猪)- Wild boar This… Read more »

Vocabs: Animals Part 1

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Hurrah! The first content post on Nihongo Manabu! Today I’d like to talk about… animals! Here’s a list of 10 commonly heard animals in Japanese. 猫 (ねこ, neko) – cat 犬 (いぬ, inu) – dog 豚 (ぶた, buta) – pig 牛 (うし, ushi) – cow 熊 (くま, kuma) – bear 鳥 (とり , tori) – bird 兎 (うさぎ, usagi) – rabbit… Read more »