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Vocabs: Occupations Part 1

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What’s your occupation? In this vocabulary list, we’ll learn the names of some occupations in Japanese. 仕事 (しごと, shigotou) – work; job; business; occupation; employment; vocation; task 職業 (しょくぎょう, shokugyou) – occupation; business Of course, we have to start off by learning what the word ‘occupation’ is in Japanese. As you might be able to tell from the word definitions, 仕事 is a more general… Read more »

Kanji Spotlight: Sing Your Song

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Today’s kanji spotlight is on the word 歌! You may have seen this kanji around recently… Yup. It’s the kanji for song, and it appeared in the previous post as the Kouhaku theme for this year, “夢を歌おう”, or Sing the dream. Sing? Song? I’ll explain in a bit! But first, let’s look at how the kanji is written! Now back… Read more »

Kanji Spotlight – Water

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Water - the kanji and it's meaning

This entry of kanji spotlight is dedicated to the universal solvent – water. Learners of the Japanese language will encounter this word (水) pretty early on. It’s classified as an N5 vocab.  After all, who could live without water? Not me. Good thing the word is easy to write, with just a total of four strokes, you can express this… Read more »

Vocabs: Taste your food

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Ah the food of life! We all eat. To get nutrients, to satisfy our hunger… But how do you describe food in Japanese? This list will teach you just that. 味覚 (みかく, mikaku) – taste; palate; sense of taste 味 (あじ, aji) – flavor; flavour; taste What’s the difference between 味覚 and 味? 味覚 is referring to yourself, your sense of taste, whereas 味 is referring… Read more »

Gummy Grandma Christmas!

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A friend shared this really hilarious meme to me, and I just had to share it here. Oh the things that can happen when you don’t know the language! Gummies? Grandma? In Tokyo? During Christmas? It’s funny that I see a number of people asking about this sentence, because apparently it never gets subbed in animes. Or TV shows. Because…… Read more »

Magazine: Hir@gana Times – Great Japanese Learning Resource!

I came across the Hir@gana Times magazines while browsing in Kinokuniya the other day. It advertises itself as being a magazine for ‘read Japanese study’. Curious, I decided to buy a copy. It wasn’t cheap for sure, SGD 11.50 for a thin magazine. It was even more expensive than the other magazines with Arashi in it, considering the thickness. Intrigued… Read more »

Book: Japanese English Bilingual Visual Dictionary (DK Visual Dictionaries)

Hi all! This week I’ll be introducing a book! The Japanese English Bilingual Visual Dictionary (DK Visual Dictionaries) is a wonderful resource for beginners to intermediate/advanced learners alike. With a wide range of vocabulary, this visual dictionary will help greatly in your quest to expand your Japanese vocabulary. Think of the themed list we have here. Only multiply that by 300. And put… Read more »

Vocabs: Under the Sea 5

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河豚 (ふぐ, fugu) – puffer fish; blow fish; fugu; globefish; swellfish 眼梶木 (めかじき, mekajiki) – swordfish (Xiphias gladius); broadbill 梶木 (かじき, kajiki) – marlin; swordfish; spearfish; sailfish 帆立 (ほたて, hotate) – Japanese scallop (Patinopecten yessoensis); Yesso scallop 螺貝 (つぶがいt, subugai) – whelk (esp. Neptunea and Buccinum spp.) 雲丹 (うに, uni) – sea urchin; sea urchin eggs 蛍烏賊 (ほたるいか, hotaru ika) – firefly squid (Watasenia scintillans); sparkling enope… Read more »

Vocabs: Under the Sea 4

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浅蜊 (あさり, asari) – Manila clam (Ruditapes philippinarum) 赤貝 (あかがい, akagai) – blood clam (Scapharca broughtonii); ark shell 蛸 (たこ, tako) – octopus 海獺 (らっこ, rakko) – sea otter (Enhydra lutris) 鰻 (うなぎ, unagi) – eel (esp. the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica) 平目 (ひらめ, hirame) 1. flounder (esp. the large-tooth flounders of family Paralichthyidae, but also lefteye flounders of family Bothidae) 2. bastard halibut;… Read more »

Vocabs: Under the Sea 3

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海月 (くらげ, kurage) – jellyfish 蟹 (かに, kani) – crab 海鼠 (なまこ, namako) – sea cucumber (Holothuroidea spp.) 海馬 (かいば, kaiba) 1. seahorse; sea horse 2. walrus 竜の落し子 (たつのおとしご, tatsu no oto shigo) – seahorse; sea horse This is an interesting name for sea horse. It literally means ‘fallen child of the dragon’. 海豹 (あざらし, azarashi) – true seal (animal); earless seal 海驢… Read more »