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Breath Palette – Toothpaste with a Difference

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Breath palette - Bitter Chocolate and L'Espresso

Ok. It may seem weird that I’m talking about toothpaste in this blog. But hey, it’s a Japanese brand toothpaste that exhibits the elegant simplicity and attention to detail in a most Japanesque way; so I think it’s justified! I chanced upon this product while shopping in Tokyuu Hands (here for the SG website, here for the Japan website). I… Read more »

Nintendo to Unveil Pokemon game for mobile

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If there’s any RPG that I love the most, it’ll be Nintendo’s Pokemon series. From the days I’ve spent looking over people’s shoulders to watch them play on their gameboy… to all the times I tried (unsuccessfully) to convince my parents to buy me one. There’s something about that catch ’em all, grind, and beat ’em all concept that just… Read more »

Perfume is on Apple’s iPhone 6s Advertisement!

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Apple fans might know this already… but the Japanese electropop sensation Perfume appeared on Apple’s new iPhone 6s advertisement! I was watching the keynote last night, when Apple showed off their new iPhone ad. And for a split second (ok, just a tad exaggerated, but it really was just a fleeting glimpse), I thought I saw three girls with the… Read more »

Facebook message…

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A few days ago, fellow blogger Octavia got a strange message from an unknown person on Facebook. Since the entire message was in Japanese, I did a brief translation of the message. But well… why not take that opportunity to learn some Japanese? And so here it is! Here’s a look at the message in full. With sensitive information removed… Read more »

Japanese copyright laws…

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So this message was appearing on some variety shows, as well as dramas…. 番組をインターネットに許諾なく公開することは違法です Rather than just giving you the English translation directly… let’s take a look at the meanings of each word used. 番組 (ばんぐみ, bangumi) 1. program (e.g. TV); programme Straightforward enough. インターネット – Internet Also very straightforward 許諾 (きょだく, kyotaku) 1. consent The word consent was followed… Read more »