News: NEWS to be main personality for 24-hour TV

It has been revealed that NEWS will be the main personality for this year’s “24 Hour TV~39~Love Saves the Earth~” (24時間テレビ39 愛は地球を救う) program. This marks the second time that NEWS will serve as main personalities, after their previous appearance in 2009. This was announced on the 28th of Mar, on the show 人生が変わる1分間の深イイ話2時間スペシャル (Jinsei ga kawaru 1 funkan no fukaiihanashi 2 jikan supesharu),… Read more »

News: Arashi to Release new Single, I seek/Daylight, on the 18th of May 2016

Update: Pre-order links below! More links added. Update: Tracklist updated and CD covers released. Update: PV previews released. I seek/Daylight Regular Edition Cover Art Woah. Barely a month has passed since the previous single, Fukkatsu Love was released and we have news of a new single by Arashi! Of course, with Arashi members Ohno Satoshi and Matsumoto Jun both starring… Read more »

Blog: Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

Hi everyone! I apologize, it’s been a long time since the site got an update. Life got the better of me after the Chinese New year break. Work, play, a visit from Octavia to Singapore… and then more work. Just never got into the mood to write anything till now. Anyhow… It’s that time of the year again… The time… Read more »

Reading and Comprehension Practice 1

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Read the following passage and answer the questions in the quiz. 私は動物大好きです。家で兎と犬や飼っています。鳥もう飼っています。兎は二匹います、犬も二匹います。 黒いのはクッキーちゃん、白いのはゆきくんです。ワンちゃんはかわいいトイプードルのあきちゃん、と忠実の秋田犬しばちゃん。 毎晩私はあきちゃんとしばちゃん一緒に公園で散歩します。あきちゃんはボールの遊び大好きですが、しばちゃんはフリスビーほが好きです。公園で広いの原ありますから、ワンちゃんたちは原で暴走する事も大好き。ワンちゃんとすごす時間はたまにちょっと大変けど、すごく楽しいです。 [os-widget path=”/coolohoh/comprehension-practice”]

Blog: SMAP, Arashi, and stuff

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So… Just casual post this time. You probably noticed it. There was no post last week. I wanted to post something about SMAP’s apology and confirmation that they aren’t breaking up. And how even the prime minister Abe Shinzo expressed relief upon hearing that SMAP isn’t breaking up. Well, I didn’t get a chance to last week so here I am,… Read more »

Vocabs: Around the desk – Part 2

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Here we go, part 2 of the little things cluttering my desk. 紙 (かみ, kami) – paper ノート (nooto) – notebook; copy-book; exercise book ペンナイフ (pennaifu) – penknife 原稿用紙 (げんこうようし, Genkou youshi) – Japanese writing paper (lined with a square grid, one square per character) ノートパソコン (nootopasokon) – laptop; notebook マウス (mausu) – mouse マウスパッド (mausupaddo) – mouse pad キーボード (kiiboodo) – keyboard 鍵盤 (けんばん,… Read more »

SMAP Lives on! (At least for now)

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It seems like after the all the SMAP disbanding rumours, the well know JE group will live on after all. A tweet by @zen_nipponl shows a newspaper bearing the title that SMAP will continue. 【速報】SMAP存続!!!!!!! 【速報】SMAP存続!!!!!!! 【速報】SMAP存続!!!!!!! 【速報】SMAP存続!!!!!!! 【速報】SMAP存続!!!!!!! 【速報】SMAP存続!!!!!!! — マヂキチJapan (@zen_nipponl) January 17, 2016 Of course… All that could still change in the future. And for now,… Read more »

News: Arashi to release new single, Fukkatsu LOVE, on 24th Feb 2016

Update 1: Track titles and cover images have been released! Update 2: PV preview released! Just two weeks into the new year and we have news of a new Arashi release! The stormy five will be releasing a new single, entitled “Fukkatsu LOVE” on the 24th of February, Wednesday, 2016. The title song, Fukkatsu LOVE (復活LOVE, literally meaning revive, or… Read more »