Learn more with Flashcards!

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It’s here! I’ve finished making and embedding the flashcards on all the Themed Vocabulary lists! The flashcards are powered by Quizlet, and I’ve tried to include photographs wherever possible. The great thing about Quizlet is that you don’t just have Flashcards, you also have learn and test modes. There’s also some fun games such as the spacemode and scatter –… Read more »

TV Show: Aiba Manabu, a short introduction

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Aiba Manabu (相葉マナブ) is a variety show hosted by Aiba Masaki. The show is produced by TV Asahi, and it started on the 21st of April, 2013. It’s a 30 minute show that airs from 6 pm to 6:30 pm every Sunday. Manabu, or 学ぶ, means to learn. And that is precisely what the show is about. Aiba learns about… Read more »

Vocabs: Bugs and Insects 3

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虫螻 (むしけら, mushikera) – worm; insect 回虫 (かいちゅう, kaichuu) – roundworm  蚯蚓 (みみず, mimizu) – earthworm 百足 (むかで, mukade) – centipede 馬陸 (やすで, yasude) – millipede 蝿 (はえ, hae) – fly 蛾 (が, ga) – moth 猩猩蠅 (しょうじょうばえ, shoijyoi hae) – fruit fly (any insect of family Drosophilidae); vinegar fly; pomace fly; banana fly 蛆虫 (うじむし, ujimushi) – maggot 水黽 (あめんぼ, amenbo) – pond… Read more »

Vocabs: Bugs and Insects 2

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Back with more bugs and insects! Check out part 1 and part 3 as well! 飛蝗 (ばった, batta) – grasshopper 蝶 (ちょう, chou) – butterfly 芋虫 (いもむし, imo mushi) – hornworm (caterpillar of a hawk moth); (hairless) caterpillar 裸虫 (はだかむし, hadaka mushi) – caterpillar (esp. hairless) 毛虫 (けむし, kemushi) – hairy caterpillar; woolly bear 油虫 (あぶらむし, aburamushi) – aphid 蟋蟀 (こおろぎ, koorogi) – cricket… Read more »

Blog: Vacation in the Philippines!

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Hi everyone! Greetings from Philippines! Here I am, with Jheili and Octavia, the other two authors on this site in the Philippines. It’s a trip that we’ve planned for a long time, and it’s been really exciting to meet the girls for the first time. The beach, the sea, and the food! It’s been crazy fun chatting with the girls,… Read more »

Vocabs: Bugs and Insects 1

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虫 (むし, mushi) – insect; bug; cricket; moth; worm 昆虫 (こんちゅう, konchuu) – insect; bug 蟻 (あり, ari) – ant 白蟻 (しろあり, shiroari) – termite; white ant 蜚蠊 (ごきぶり, gokiburi) – cockroach てんとう虫 (てんとうむし, tentou mushi) – ladybug; ladybird 蜂 (はち, hachi) – bee; wasp; hornet 蛍 (ほたる, hotaru) – firefly; lightning bug; glowworm 甲虫 (かぶとむし, kabutomushi) – rhinoceros beetle 蜻蛉 (とんぼ, tonbo) – dragonfly; damselfly… Read more »

Vocabs: Animals Part 3

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縞馬 (しまうま, shimauma) – zebra ゼブラ (zebura) – zebra 箆鹿 (へらじか, berajika) – moose (Alces alces); elk 大鹿 (おおじか, oojika) – 1. large deer 2. moose; elk; red deer ムース (muusu) – moose ライオン (raion) – lion チンパンジー (chinpanji) – chimpanzee 黒猩々(くろしょうじょう, kuroshoujyou) – chimpanzee 猩々 (しょうじょう, shoujyou) – orangutan ゴリラ (gorira) – gorilla 亀 (かめ, kame) – tortoise カンガルー (kangaruu) – kangaroo 孔雀… Read more »