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Vocabs: AnShi 29th Aug 2015 edition

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Ok. I picked out a really long list of vocabs from this episode. Probably the longest I’ve done so far from a single episode…. As usual, the vocabs are in order of appearance in the show, so that it’s easier for you to spot the word when it’s used in the show. Overall, I really enjoyed watching this episode. From… Read more »

Vocabs: Sakurai Sho GQ Magazine Interview July 2010, No. 86

Here’s some vocab I picked out while reading Sho’s magazine interview in the GQ magazine. It’s not the MOST exciting magazine interview out there, but it’s still pretty interesting. Like. How Sho managed his time in his university days, taking the night train back to Tokyo after having work elsewhere, just so that he can catch the lecture the next… Read more »

Vocabs: Matsumoto Jun – Jweb – Enjoy Vol. 128

So… Jweb is well, a website by Johnny’s Entertainment. It contains informations about their various artists, and gives fans a place to get official news about their idols. Some of the artists have their own blogs too, and Matsumoto Jun (of Arashi, I’m an Arashi fan, sorry) has a blog called ‘Enjoy’. So here’s some vocabs I picked up from… Read more »

Vocabs: Ohno & Kids’, Future Art Exhibition in Miyagi Website

Hi all! It’s been a while since I did a random vocabulary post. I was looking at the special site for Ohno’s art exhibit in Miyagi and picked out a few vocabulary of note. 堪能 (たんのう, tannou) 1. proficient; skillful 2. enjoying; satisfaction; satiation; having one’s fill (of) This appeared in Ohno’s message. He requested that the visitors take their time… Read more »

Vocabs: Sakurai Sho’s Josei Jishin 15th Sept 2015 Interview

Some pick up vocabs from Arashi’s Sakurai Sho magazine interview in Josei Jishin (女性自身) 15th Sept 2015. The interview basically asked Sho for his views on marriage, and his idea life partner. 結婚 (けっこん, kekkon) – marriage 結婚式 (けっこんしき, kekkonshiki) – marriage ceremony; wedding; nuptials 独身 (どくしん, dokushin) – bachelorhood; single; unmarried; celibate 夫婦 (ふうふ, fuufu) – married couple; spouses;… Read more »

TV Show/Vocabs: Ninosan 3rd & 10th May 2015

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So I’ll like to do a brief review on two episodes of Ninosan. Why two episodes in one post? Because of the format of the show. It’s one theme every two weeks, with the second week being a direct continuation of the first. Read an introduction of the show here. Anyway, the show this time is about behind the scenes… Read more »

Vocabs: Aiba Manabu 10th May 2015

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A continuation of the previous week’s show, this week Aiba and Co. continues their quest to gather ingredients for the ekiben. This week’s show starts with the gang heading up the mountains to pick wild vegetables. 山菜 (さんさい, sansai) – edible wild plants 山 means mountain, while 菜 means vegetables. Mountain vegetables. How apt! 菜 (ぜんまい, zenmai) – Japanese royal… Read more »

Vocabs: Aiba Manabu 3rd May 2015

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In this episode of Aiba manabu, Aiba and Co. goes to a Inazusa station, a small unmanned station (yes, many small train stations in Japan are unmanned!) in a local train line, to make a one day special ekiben (see below) for the locals. Apart from bringing some cheer to the local residents, they also learn about the local produce… Read more »

Vocabs: Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen 11 Apr 2015

Some pickup vocab from watching TSD! 口実 (こうじつ, koujitsu) – excuse, pretext 営業 (えいぎょう, eigyou) – business; trade; sales; operations 底力 (そこぢから, sokochikara) – latent energy; reserve strength; potentiality 喫茶店 (きっさてん, kissaten) – coffee shop; tearoom; coffee lounge; coffeehouse; cafe Definitions from

Blog/Vocabs: Howdy from Australia!

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Here’s a big hello from Australia! Enjoying myself  in the land down under. Loving the cool weather and the food. Gosh, the steaks and the oysters! Absolutely gorgeous! And we just had both today. Drove down (Well, not me. My sis and my dad did the driving.) from Batesman Bay to Lakes Entrance today, and we bought 5 dozen oysters… Read more »