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Vocabs: Jun’s jweb blog Enjoy Vol. 146

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So Jun updated his jweb blog today! Just going to highlight a few kanji from his (short) blog post. 花粉 (かふん, kafun) – pollen Not used in the post… But since Jun was talking about pollen flying all over the place, then it makes sense to introduce the next word: 花粉症 (かふんしょう, kafunshou) – hay fever; pollinosis (allergy to pollen) 歌舞伎座 (かぶきざ,… Read more »

Vocabs: Sakurai Sho’s Ichimen with Uchimura Kohei – News Zero 8th Feb 2016

As usual, I will put up a list of some interesting vocabulary used in the Ichimen segment reviewed. If you are looking for the review, it’s over here. 体操 (たいそう, taisou) – gymnastics; physical exercises; calisthenics In this Ichimen, they are talking about the gymnast, Uchimura Kohei. 鉄棒 (てつぼう, tetsubou) 1. iron rod; iron bar; iron club 2. horizontal bar (gymnastics)… Read more »

Vocabulary: Sakurai Sho’s Ichimen – News Zero 18 Jan 2016

Precautions to prevent slips

Here are some noteworthy vocabulary from the 18th Jan 2016 news zero ichimen segment. You can read a review I did of the segment here. 降雪 (こうせつ, kousetsu) – snowfall; snow 路面 (ろめん, romen) – road surface 数日 (すうじつ, suujitsu) – few days 数日間 (すうじつかん, suujitsukan) – several day period 当日 (とうじつ, toujitsu) – appointed day; very day 翌日 (よくじつ, yokujitsu)… Read more »

Review: Sakurai Sho’s Ichimen – News Zero 11 Jan 2016

Sakurai Sho newscaster

Hi! Today I’d like to do a little review of Sho’s Ichimen corner. I’m just catching up to watching their shows from last year, hence the reason why this review is from an episode that aired so long ago… But it’s interesting anyway. For those of you who don’t know, Ichimen (一面) actually means “one aspect” or “one side”. It’s… Read more »

Vocabs: TV Life 28th Feb 15 snippet

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Just some words from a very short snippet from the magazine. 魅力 (みりょく, miryoku) – charm; fascination; glamour; glamor; attraction; appeal Ohno talked about the appeal and charm of the songs in their first single of 2015, Sakura. 心境 (しんきょう, shinkyou) – mental state グラビア (gurabia) – gravure; photogravure; rotogravure; gravure picture インパクト (inpakuto) – impact The song sakura has an impactful… Read more »

Vocabs: Arashi songs – Fly

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Fly is one of the coupling songs in the Limited Edition single of GUTS by Arashi. I really love this song, the tune is catchy and upbeat. It’s my favourite out of all the tracks in GUTS, coming a close second would be GUTS though. The single was released in 2014, you can still get the LE from PlayAsia, whereas… Read more »

Vocabs: Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai 15th Oct 2015 edition

Ok! Well, these vocabs are actually only from the first half of the show – the Sakurai in Miyagi segment. Following last year’s invasion of Sho’s hotel room during the Hawaii Blast concert, they invaded his room again during the Miyagi Blast concert this year. It was a really fun episode/segment! Showcasing just how adorable that dorky Sho can be…. Read more »

Vocabs: AnShi 29th Aug 2015 edition

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Ok. I picked out a really long list of vocabs from this episode. Probably the longest I’ve done so far from a single episode…. As usual, the vocabs are in order of appearance in the show, so that it’s easier for you to spot the word when it’s used in the show. Overall, I really enjoyed watching this episode. From… Read more »

Vocabs: Sakurai Sho GQ Magazine Interview July 2010, No. 86

Here’s some vocab I picked out while reading Sho’s magazine interview in the GQ magazine. It’s not the MOST exciting magazine interview out there, but it’s still pretty interesting. Like. How Sho managed his time in his university days, taking the night train back to Tokyo after having work elsewhere, just so that he can catch the lecture the next… Read more »

Vocabs: Matsumoto Jun – Jweb – Enjoy Vol. 128

So… Jweb is well, a website by Johnny’s Entertainment. It contains informations about their various artists, and gives fans a place to get official news about their idols. Some of the artists have their own blogs too, and Matsumoto Jun (of Arashi, I’m an Arashi fan, sorry) has a blog called ‘Enjoy’. So here’s some vocabs I picked up from… Read more »