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Blog: Why do you want to learn Japanese?

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Was just scrolling through my facebook feed and saw this photo shared from 9gag. Indeed… watching anime is a huge motivation of many people to learn Japanese. The Japanese has been very successful in exporting their popular culture overseas. Sure, JPOP may have lost to KPOP, but just think of all the Japanese games and anime. Detective conan, Doraemon, Pokemon…… Read more »

Blog/Vocabs: Howdy from Australia!

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Here’s a big hello from Australia! Enjoying myself  in the land down under. Loving the cool weather and the food. Gosh, the steaks and the oysters! Absolutely gorgeous! And we just had both today. Drove down (Well, not me. My sis and my dad did the driving.) from Batesman Bay to Lakes Entrance today, and we bought 5 dozen oysters… Read more »

Blog: 天気 and more

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Hurrah to the first blog entry on Nihongo Manabu. Here’s a random post about the weather (originally posted in Oct 2014), my first attempt at typing an entry in Japanese. 天気 今日もいい天気でした。 でも、日本語というたのいい天気は本当にいい天気ですか?日本人以外の方はたぶんそんなに「いい天気」と思わない。シンガポール人の私として、「いい天気」は涼しい、風が吹いて、雲がいぱいの日です。まあ。雨降ればもういいよ。とにかく晴天はあんまり好きくない。暑いすぎるから。私として、「いい天気」はただの暑い、汗をかいての日だたん。 確かに、シンガポールのは日本の夏より涼しいですけど、でもこちらは冬がありませんよ。湿度もう高いし、一年中365日の天気はふたつしかない。晴天と雨の日だけ。詰らなくない?正直冬はそんなに楽しくないですが、いつもう夏の天気もうやだ。ちょっと違うの天気の場所で住みたい。 I’m too lazy to translate this into English however… Some updates regarding the site. I’ve some posts lined up and scheduled for the next two weeks… Read more »