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TV Show: Ninosan, a short introduction

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Ninosan is, a variety show hosted by Ninomiya Kazunari (aka Nino). The show is produced by NTV and started on the 24th of April 2013. It’s a short, 30 minutes program that airs every Sunday, from 12:45 pm to 1:15 pm, JST (for the Kanto region that is. The schedule varies in the other regions.) The program started as a… Read more »

Blog: The good thing about living in Singapore…

Is that writing pads and exercise books with SQUARES instead of lines is easy to get. And cheap too. A pack of 5 exercise books cost SGD $2.60. Got a bunch of exercise books (the squares in writing pads are small!) with large and extra large squared some time back… and I’ve finally gotten round to cleaning my table today!… Read more »

Vocabs: Aiba Manabu 10th May 2015

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A continuation of the previous week’s show, this week Aiba and Co. continues their quest to gather ingredients for the ekiben. This week’s show starts with the gang heading up the mountains to pick wild vegetables. 山菜 (さんさい, sansai) – edible wild plants 山 means mountain, while 菜 means vegetables. Mountain vegetables. How apt! 菜 (ぜんまい, zenmai) – Japanese royal… Read more »

Vocabs: Aiba Manabu 3rd May 2015

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In this episode of Aiba manabu, Aiba and Co. goes to a Inazusa station, a small unmanned station (yes, many small train stations in Japan are unmanned!) in a local train line, to make a one day special ekiben (see below) for the locals. Apart from bringing some cheer to the local residents, they also learn about the local produce… Read more »

Blog: It’s catch up time!

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It’s catch up time indeed…! I’ve not been watching my Japanese variety shows regularly again, and now I have a whooping two whole months of backlogs of shows to watch. To make it worst (?), I’m going on holiday again next month (to meet J and Octavia! Hurrah!) so that means even more backlog after August. I’m trying to catch… Read more »

Vocabs: Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen 11 Apr 2015

Some pickup vocab from watching TSD! 口実 (こうじつ, koujitsu) – excuse, pretext 営業 (えいぎょう, eigyou) – business; trade; sales; operations 底力 (そこぢから, sokochikara) – latent energy; reserve strength; potentiality 喫茶店 (きっさてん, kissaten) – coffee shop; tearoom; coffee lounge; coffeehouse; cafe Definitions from

Blog: Why do you want to learn Japanese?

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Was just scrolling through my facebook feed and saw this photo shared from 9gag. Indeed… watching anime is a huge motivation of many people to learn Japanese. The Japanese has been very successful in exporting their popular culture overseas. Sure, JPOP may have lost to KPOP, but just think of all the Japanese games and anime. Detective conan, Doraemon, Pokemon…… Read more »

Reading: Mini Conversations 1

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Short reading passages with parallel English translations. 田中たなか:この本ほんは誰だれの本ですか? Tanaka: Whose book is this? 鈴木すずき:あ!私わたしの本です! Suzuki: Ah! It’s my book! Vocab: 誰 (だれ, dare) – who 本 (ほん, hon) – book —————————– 鈴木:田中さん、昼ひるご飯ごはん食たべましたか? Suzuki: Tanaka-san, have you eaten your lunch? 田中:いいえ、まだです。 Tanaka: No, not yet. 鈴木:一緒いっしょに食べましょか? Suzuki: Shall we eat together? 田中:いよ。地下ちか一の食堂しょくどうで? Tanaka: Sure. The canteen in basement 1? 鈴木:はい。行いきましょ。 Suzuki:… Read more »

Vocabs: Types of Transport

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車 (くるま, kuruma) – car; vehicle バス (basu) – bus 電車 (でんしゃ, densha) – train; electric train 地下鉄 (ちかてつ, chikatetsu) – underground train; subway 新幹線 (しんかんせん, shinkansen) – bullet train 自転車 (じてんしゃ, jitensha) – bicycle 一輪車 (いちりんしゃ, ichirinsha) – unicycle 三輪車 (さんりんしゃ, sanrinsha) – three wheeled vehicle (tricycle, motorcycle, etc.); three wheeler トラック (torakku) – truck バイク (baiku) – motorcycle;… Read more »

Vocabs: Sports

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スポーツ (supootsu) – Sports 野球 (やきゅう, yakyuu) – Baseball サッカー (sakkaa) – Soccer バレーボール (bareebooru) – Volleyball ホッケー (hokkee) – Hockey ボーリング (booringu) – Bowling 卓球 (たっきゅう, takkyuu) – Table tennis バスケットボール (basukettobooru) – Basketball Often abbreviated as バスケ (basuke) 剣道 (けんどう, kendou) – Kendo 柔道 (じゅうどう, juudou) – Judo 相撲 (すもう, sumou) – Sumo wrestling バドミントン (badominton) – Badminton… Read more »