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~Important Note: This episode guide is still a work in progress. The guide will be updated as I watch the show!

Gutto! Sports

Gutto! Sports

Gutto! Sports is a TV show hosted by Aiba Masaki that airs every Tuesday from 9:25 PM to 10:15 PM JST on NHK Sogo. Every episode, an athlete guests on the show. Through demonstrations and the various ‘keywords’ Aiba attempts to introduce viewers to both the athlete and the sport.

I personally enjoy this show a lot. It’s both entertaining and informative. Not only do we get the know more about the athlete – both their professional and private sides, the show also introduces viewers to the sport. The show is interesting even if you have never heard of the athlete and/or sport.

As much as possible, I’ll include external links (in both English and Japanese) to web pages of the athletes for interested readers!

#1 – [2016.04.05]
Guest: Ishikawa Kasumi (石川 佳純)
Sport: Table tennis
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#2 – [2016.04.12] (Continuation of 1st episode)
Guest: Ishikawa Kasumi (石川 佳純)
Sport: Table tennis
Links: Wikipedia (EN)Wikipedia (JA)

#3 – [2016.04.19]
Guest: Yoshida Saori (吉田 沙保里)
Sport: Wrestling (Women’s 55kg)
Links: Wikipedia (EN)Wikipedia (JA)

#4 – [2016.04.26]
Guest: Noguchi Akiyo (野口 啓代)
Sport: Sports Climbing
Links: Facebook | Wikipedia (JA)

#5 – [2016.05.10]
Guest: Nakamura Yuhei (中村 悠平)
Sport: Baseball (Catcher)
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#6 – [2016.05.17]
Guest: Matsumoto Kaori (松本 薫)
Sport: Judo (Women’s 57 kg)
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#7 – [2016.05.24]
Guest: Ueda Ai (上田 藍)
Sport: Triathlon
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#8 – [2016.05.31]
Guest: Katayama Shingo (片山 晋呉)
Sport: Golf
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#9 – [2016.06.07]
Guest: Okuhara Nozomi (奥原 希望)
Sport: Badminton (Women’s Singles Specialist)
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#10 – [2016.06.14]
Guest: Irie Ryousuke (入江 陵介)
Sport: Swimming (100 & 200m Backstroke)
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#11 – [2016.06.21]
Guest: Murata Ryota (村田 諒太)
Sport: Boxing (Middleweight)
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#12 – [2016.07.12]
Guest: Endo Wataru (遠藤 航)
Sport: Soccer (Defender, center back)
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#13 – [2016.07.26]
Guest: Teramoto Asuka  (寺本 明日香)
Sport: Artistic Gymnastics
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#14 – [2016.08.02]
Guest: Nagasako Yoshitaku 長迫 吉拓
Sport: BMX racing
Links: Facebook | Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#15 – [2016.08.30]
Rio Olympics SP

#16 – [2016.09.06]
Guest: Fujisawa Kiyoshi (藤澤 潔)
Sport: Wheelchair Basketball
Links: ParaSports Page (JA)

#17 – [2016.09.20]
Guest: Uekusa Ayumi (植草 歩)
Sport: Karate
Links: Wikipedia (JA)

#18 – [2016.09.27]
Guest: Ueno Yukiko (上野 由岐子)
Sport: Softball (Pitcher)
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#19 – [2016.10.04]
Guest: Kasai Noriaki (葛西 紀明)
Sport: Ski Jumping
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#20 – [2016.10.11]
Guest: Tabuse Yuta (田臥 勇太)
Sport: Basketball (Point Guard)
Links: Basketball Reference Profile | Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#21 – [2016.10.18]
Guest: Himeji Urara 姫路麗
Sport: Bowling
Links: Facebook | Himeiji Urara’s Officia Homepage | Wikipedia (JA)

#22 – [2016.10.25]
Guest: Hijikata Hayato (土方 隼斗)
Sport: Billard
Links: Official Site (JA) | Wikipedia (JA)

#23 – [2016.11.01]
Guest: Michael Leitch
Sport: Rugby
Links: Official Site (EN) | Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#24 – [2016.11.15]
Guest: Miyake Hiromi (三宅 宏実)
Sport: Weightlifting (Women’s 48 kg)
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#25 – [2016.11.22]
Guest: Kuroda Hiroki (黒田 博樹)
Sport: Baseball (Pitcher)
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#26 – [2016.12.06]
Guest: Inoue Naoya (井上 尚弥)
Sport: Boxing (Light-flyweight, Super-flyweight)
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#27 – [2016.12.27]
Year end SP
Guest: Nishikori Kei (錦織 圭)
Sport: Tennis
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

Guest: Maeda Kenta (前田 健太)
Sport: Baseball (Pitcher)
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#28 – [2017.1.10]
Guest: Munetomo Jinga (棟朝 銀河)
Sport: Trampolin
Links: Kimamana Info Page (JA)

#29 – [2017.1.24]
Guest: Arashiro Yukiya (新城 幸也)
Sport: Road Bicycle Racing
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#30 – [2017.1.31]
Guest: Takenaka Ayane (竹中 絢音)
Sport: Arm Wrestling
Links: Twitter | Athlete Yell (JA)

#31 – [2017.2.07]
Guest: Haneda Takuya (羽根田 卓也)
Sport: Canoe
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#32 – [2017.2.14]
Guest: Uehara Kouji (上原 浩治_
Sport: Baseball (Pitcher)
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA) | MLB stats page

#33 – [2017.2.21]
Guest: Sejiri Ryou (瀬尻 稜)
Sport: Skateboard
Links: The Boardr Profile (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#34 – [2017.2.28]
Guest: Furukawa Takaharu (古川 高晴)
Sport: Archery
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | World Archery Foundation Profile (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#35 – [2017.3.07]
Guest: Asada Seigo (浅田 斉吾)
Sport: Darts
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#36 – [2017.3.21]
Guest: Miyazaki Daisuke (宮﨑 大輔)
Sport: Handball
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

Program timing increased to 1 hour.

#37 – [2017.4.04]
Guest: Seto Daiya (瀬戸 大也)
Sport: Swimming (Individual Medley, Butterfly, Breaststroke, Freestyle)
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#38 – [2017.4.11]
Guest: Baker Mashu (ベイカー茉秋)
Sport: Judo
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA) | Twitter

#39 – [2017.4.18]
Guest: Tousaka Eri (登坂絵莉)
Sport: Wrestling (Women’s Freestyle 48kg)
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

#40 – [2017.4.25]
Guest: Shiraishi Kojiro (白石康次郎)
Sport: Pro Yacht Sailor
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA) | Website (EN)

#41 – [2017.5.2]
Guest: Ookubo Yoshito (大久保嘉人)
Sport: Soccer (striker)
Links: Wikipedia (EN) | Wikipedia (JA)

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