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This week we’ll explore some travel related vocabulary! Modes of transportation will not be covered in this post, please refer to my Types of Transport post instead.

旅行 (りょこう, ryokou) – travel; trip

旅 (たび, tabi) – travel; trip; journey

ツアー (tsuaa) – tour

観光旅行 (かんこうりょこう, kankouryokou) – (sightseeing) tour

ガイド (gaito) – guide; tour guide; conductor; guiding; leading

ツアーガイド (tsuaagaito) – tour guide

ホテル (hoteru) – hotel

旅館 (りょかん, ryokan) – ryokan; Japanese-style lodging, usu. professionally-run

旅亭 (りょてい, ryotei) – hotel; inn

荷物 (もつ, nimotsu) – luggage; baggage; package

スーツケース (suutsukeesu) – suitcase

トランク (toranku) – suitcase; trunk

旅行鞄 (りょこうかばん, ryokoukaban) – traveling bag; travelling bag; suitcase

鞄 (かばん, kaban) – bag; satchel; briefcase; basket
Note: This word is more often than not written just in kana.

観光 (かんこう, kankou) – sightseeing

パスポート (pasupooto) – passport

旅券 (りょけん, ryoken) – passport

ビザ (bisa) – visa

査証 (しょう, sasyou) – visa

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