Vocabs: Occupations 3

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This week, we’ll continue our exploration of various occupations in Japanese.

料理人 (りょうりにん, ryouriin) – cook; chef

給仕 (きゅうじ, kyuuji)
1. waiting on a table; serving (at dinner)
2. waiter; waitress; waitperson; server; cabin boy; bellboy; page; pageboy
3. office boy; office girl

ウェイター (ueitaa) – waiter

ベルボーイ (berubooi) – bellboy

ポーター (pootaa) – porter

弁護士 (べんごし, bengoshi) – lawyer; attorney

看護師 (かんごし, kangoshi) – (hospital) nurse; registered nurse

パン屋 (パンや, panya) – bakery; baker; pastry shop

商人 (しょうにん, shounin) – trader; shopkeeper; merchant

店主 (てんしゅ. tenshu) – shopkeeper

肉屋 (にくや, nikuya) – butcher

魚屋 (さかなや, sakanaya) – fish market; fish dealer; fishmonger

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