Vocabs: Occupations Part 2

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We’ll continue our exploration of how various occupations are called in Japanese.

写真家 (しゃしんか, shashinka) – Photographer

カメラマン (kameraman) – cameraman; photographer; cinematographer

画家 (がか, gaka) – painter; artist

運転士 (うんてんし, untenshi) – driver; train driver; train engineer; motorman; taxi driver

歌手 (かしゅ, kashuu) – singer

作曲家 (さっきょくか, sakkyokuka) – composer

プログラマー (puroguramaa) – programmer

技術者 (ぎじゅつしゃ, gijutsusha) – engineer; technical expert; technician; craftsperson

エンジニア (enjinia) – engineer

機長 (きちょう, kichou) – pilot

パイロット (pairotto) – pilot

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