Kanji Spotlight – Water

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This entry of kanji spotlight is dedicated to the universal solvent – water.

Water - the kanji and it's meaning

Learners of the Japanese language will encounter this word (水) pretty early on. It’s classified as an N5 vocab.  After all, who could live without water? Not me.

Water - the kanji stroke order

Good thing the word is easy to write, with just a total of four strokes, you can express this thirst quenching kanji!

The "water" radical

Did you know, these ‘three dots’ actually form the “water” radical?

Yup that’s right. Next time you see this radical, chances are that the kanji is referring to some sort of liquid. Here are three examples.

The ocean kanji

海. The sea. The seas is basically a large body of water, and naturally you see the “water” radical in the word.

The sweat kanji

Next… Sweat (汗). That’s water/fluid too.

The "tears" kanji

Finally. Tears 涙. Once again, the “water” radical is there.

That’s all for this episode of kanji spotlight!

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