Blog: Happy Lunar New Year!

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It’s 8 Feb here in Singapore and that means it’s the first day of the Lunar New Year!

Here in Singapore, for the Singaporean Chinese… The Lunar New Year holds much more significance than the western new year (i.e. 1st Jan). We have reunion dinner on Chinese New Year eve, and visit relatives on the first day of the new year. Which means that yes, I’ll be heading out tomorrow.

While Japan follows the Chinese zodiac calendar, they have shifted the celebrations to the western calendar new year.

This year, it’s the Year of the Monkey!

Here are some mischievous lantern monkeys spotted in Chinatown. 🙂

Some site updates: I tried putting up the very first quiz on this site. It remains to be seen if I’d stick with this quiz/survey service. Do comment if you have any feedback or suggestions! I’ll work on a post with the same comprehension passage, but with furigana and parallel English text later… Ya know, when I’m free….

Alright. That’s all for today. Got an early start tomorrow (actually, today since it’s past 12 midnight), so it’s time for bed.

Till next time folks!

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