Vocabs: Around the desk – Part 2

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Here we go, part 2 of the little things cluttering my desk.

紙 (かみ, kami) – paper

ノート (nooto) – notebook; copy-book; exercise book

ペンナイフ (pennaifu) – penknife

原稿用紙 (げんこうようし, Genkou youshi) – Japanese writing paper (lined with a square grid, one square per character)

ノートパソコン (nootopasokon) – laptop; notebook

マウス (mausu) – mouse

マウスパッド (mausupaddo) – mouse pad

キーボード (kiiboodo) – keyboard

鍵盤 (けんばん, kenban) – keyboard (e.g. piano, computer)

水筒 (すいとう, suidou) – canteen; flask; water bottle; thermos

カップ (kappu) – cup (drinking vessel, measure, brassiere, prize, etc.)

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