Vocabs: Ohno & Kids’, Future Art Exhibition in Miyagi Website

Hi all! It’s been a while since I did a random vocabulary post. I was looking at the special site for Ohno’s art exhibit in Miyagi and picked out a few vocabulary of note.

Ohno future art exhibit in Miyagi homepage

Home page of the art exhibition website.

堪能 (たんのう, tannou)
1. proficient; skillful
2. enjoying; satisfaction; satiation; having one’s fill (of)

This appeared in Ohno’s message. He requested that the visitors take their time to enjoy the art works.

財団 (ざいだん, zaidan) – foundation

Foundation as in “an institution established with an endowment”, not your building foundation or other definitions.

To that effect I’ll also introduce two other words:

財団法人 (ざいだんほうじん, zaidan houjin) – incorporated foundation; juridical foundation

一般財団法人 (いっぱんざいだんほうじん, ippan zaidan houjin) – general incorporated foundation

This is what the Marching J Foundation is.

開催 (かいさい, kaisai) – holding a meeting; open an exhibition

柔軟 (じゅうなん, jyuunan) – flexible; lithe; soft; pliable

多数 (たすう, tasuu)
1. great number
2. countless; majority

They received a large number of entries for the exhibition.

応募 (おうぼ, oubo) – application; subscription; entry (competition, raffle, etc.); enlistment

保護者 (ほごしゃ, hogosha) – guardian; protector; patron; parent

They thanked the parents and guardians for their help in the submission, since the submissions were all from primary school kids. The parents would probably have to guide the lower primary kids a little, and do things like send in the entries. You can see the Japanese culture in this, I know if it was in Singapore, they wouldn’t mention anything about the parents at all, much less thank them for their help.

手荷物 (てにもつ, tenimotsu) – hand luggage; hand baggage

Ah this. They requested that the public not bring any large items with them, and to keep any hand baggage as small as possible so as not to inconvenient other visitors. Again, this is a reflection of how the Japanese as a society are constantly being mindful of their behavior and trying to be considerate to others.

As for the word itself, 荷物にもつ means luggage or baggage. means hand, so it all adds together nicely.

預かる (あずかる, azukaru)
1. to look after; to take care of; to keep; to hold on to; to keep in custody
2. to take charge of; to be entrusted with; to receive on deposit
3. to reserve (judgment); to leave undecided

In the ‘Access’ page, they mentioned that the organizers are unable to help people take care of their belongings, nor are they any coin lockers available in the vicinity, that’s why they urge people not to bring big items to the venue. It’s likely to be really crowded after all, as far as all Arashi events go. So carrying around say a huge box of whatever is definitely going to be a nuisance. Not just to others, but I think it’ll be such a chore too.

So that’s all for this post. All definitions are from Jisho.org, while the definition of ‘foundation’ was from google.

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