Vocabs: Colors

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Colors! Some colors have more than one way of saying them, mainly the proper Japanese way, and the adapted from English, katakana way.

色 (いろ, iro) – color

青 (あお, ao) – blue

緑 (みどり, midori) – green

黄色 (きいろ, kiiro) – yellow

白 (しろ, shiro) – white

黒 (くろ, kuro) – black

赤 (あか, aka) – red

茶色 (ちゃいろ, chairo) – brown
Literally means ‘tea color’.

紫 (むらさき, murasaki) – purple; violet

ピンク (pinku) – pink

桃色 (ももいろ, momoiro) – pink
Literally means ‘peach color’. Yes the Japanese definition of ‘peach color’ is different from that in English.

オレンジ色 (オレンジいろ, oranjiro) – orange

ベージュ色 (ベージュいろ, beijuiro) – beige

肌色 (はだいろ, hadairo) – flesh-colored

灰色 (はいいろ, haiiro) – gray

ねずみ色 (ねずみいろ, nezumiiro) – gray

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