Vocabs: 17th Jan 2015 Arashi ni Shiyagare

Some noteworthy vocabs from the show.

All definitions, as usual, are from my favourite site: jisho.org.

Additional notes by me.

総力 (そうりょく, souryoku)
1. Total energy; all efforts.
A very common word. You heard it on their shows often.

立場 (たちば, tachiba)
1. Standpoint; position; situation.
Another common word. Somehow I get the impressive than Sho says this often… (then again he generally speaks the most in Arashi as the defacto MC)

人柄 (ひとがら, hitogara)
1. Personality; character; personal appearance; gentility.
I think it was DJ LOVE who said this word? Well this isn’t a hard word if you know the breakdown of the kanji. 人, pronounced as ひと (hito) here means man/person/people. 柄 (がら, gara) has multiple meanings, it could mean a pattern or design, body build/physique, or character/nature, as is the case in this word. You can sort of understand it as people coming in varying different patterns, by means of each person’s unique character. You can hear Arashi use the word 柄 quite often on their shows, when talking about the pattern of the fabric on clothes.

話題性 (わだいせい, wadaisei)
1. Newsworthiness; news hook; topicality; popularity (of a topic, issue, etc.).
話題 (わだい, wadai) means topic/news. While the 性 here means -ness.

緊急 (きんきゅう, kinkyuu)
1. Urgent; pressing; emergency.
A common word. The often use it in their segment titles to say “Urgent XXX”, as was the case this time. (see next word)

開催 (かいさい, kaisai)
1. Holding a meeting; open an exhibition.
It was used together with 緊急 in this AnShi, as in 緊急開催, to mean urgent meeting.

兎に角 (とにかく, tonikaku)
1. Anyhow; at any rate; anyway; somehow or other; generally speaking; in any case; at least.
I hear this word soooo often on their shows, but I was kinda curious and decided to give it a search yesterday… and gosh I never knew that’s how it was supposed to be written in Kanji! Or that it had a Kanji in the first place! I thought it was you know… one of the words that was only written in hiragana. Lol! I guess partly because the Japanese normally write this word in hiragana or katakana only too?

賑わう (にぎわう, nigiwau)
1. To be crowded with people; to be bustling with.
2. To prosper; to flourish; to do thriving business.
This appeared in the restaurant segment, where Yotsuya sanchome was thriving with businesses…

名門 (めいもん, meimon)
1. Noted family; noble family.
2. Prestigious school, organization, business, etc..
Well it’s the name of the restaurant… and look what a wonderful name they picked for themselves!

業界 (ぎょうかい, gyoukai)
1. Business world; business circles; (the) industry.
You hear this all the time in the restaurant segment. Though mostly together with the word 人(じん, jin), meaning person.

銃士 (じゅうし, jyuushi)
1. Musketeer.
If you breakdown the Kanji, it literally means gunman, with 銃 meaning gun/rifle/small arms, and 士 meaning man/person/samurai.

虜 (とりこ, toriko)
1. Captive; prisoner.
2. Victim (of love, etc.); slave (to one’s lust, etc.).
Ok, this isn’t a very commonly used word… but they did use it quite often in the restaurant segment. I think this word appeared in one of the stages of Nep League that Arashi appeared on, but as the final question for the guest team. At least, if my memory serves me right. Never knew what the word meant then, now I know!

耳栓 (みみせん, mimisen)
1. Earplug (for protection against noise or water).
Jun asked for this at the start of the restaurant segment. And the meaning was easy to guess from the context. 耳 means ear(s). Where as 栓 means stopper/cork.

There were loads of new vocab that surfaced during shiritori. But by then I was too lazy to note them all down…. maybe next time! 😛

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